North Devon Coast

Welcome to Hope!

As a long term sufferer of clinical depression I was inspired to create this website with the intention of helping other people who are suffering or struggling with the same or similarĀ issues.

I would like it to be a collaborative effort where people can share their own experiences on the road to personal recovery.

A place to feel safe, to express how one is feeling without being judged or put down in any way.

Somewhere perhaps that we can learn to be kind to ourselves as well as to others.

To express our emotions and feelings through art and music, poetry and prose.

To be inspired by what others have managed to achieve whilst struggling with mental illness.

I would like it to be a place where people can go to find out more information and get some help if necessary both for themselves and for those who love and care for them.

A place to go to know that you are not alone and that you truly are a wonderful human being.